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Wild One Entertainment understands that a Bar or Bat Mitzvah requires extensive planning that you may not have time to do.  Our professional event coordinator will work with you in planning every detail of your event.  Your family and friends will be talking about your party for years to come.


You are approaching one of the most exciting times of your child's life and we at Wild One Entertainment sincerely want to be a part of it. We understand that for most people, choosing a DJ is often difficult and confusing, yet the most important decision you will make for your child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Since everyone claims to be the best, how can you really find out who is good and who is an amateur? For a once in a lifetime event, you should begin with a professional. Don’t take chances with a friend of a friend. Although people mean well, lack of experience or skill will not prepare them to handle unexpected details. Being able to work with kids as well as adults takes special skill so not every DJ is appropriate for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. We understand the planning, familiarity of traditional customs, how to mix the music with the correct number of contests and activities and the attention to detail that is needed to make your event fun, elegant, unique and memorable. 


Recent Testimonial:

After literally interviewing 6 DJ's for my daughters Bat Mitzvah, I hired Brandon Burrows' Wild One Entertainment.  I am so glad I did!   I spent thousands of dollars on the room, food, bar, and etc.  The most important and best thing I bought that evening was Brandon's services.  In addition to being very fairly priced he delivered everything he promised and more!  There are a lot of DJ's that tell you they KNOW how to run a Bar or Bat Mitzvah but don't really have a clue or even understand the event as it relates to our religion and culture.  Brandon truly does, and made the evening.  If I had  a dollar for everyone who came up to me afterwards and said how great he was, it probably would have paid for the event.  Most importantly my daughter was so happy with the way he MC'd and led her evening.  We are in a Bar/Bat Mitzvah group at our temple and had been to several before it was time for ours.  My daughter and her friends all agreed her DJ was the BEST!  My son has already instructed me to make sure I hire Brandon when it is time for his.  The kids are the focus in this type of event and anyone who has kids can tell you they know when someone is giving them the brush off or not into it with them.  Brandon was totally awesome with all the kids and kept them going, laughing, and dancing all through the night.  I normally do not take the time from my hectic schedule to write reviews, but a great DJ is so hard to find i feel compelled to do it for Brandon and anyone who is not sure who to hire for these most special events.

A very satisfied customer, 
Tera F 

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